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8th-Jan-2008 02:07 am - Jump starting the year
Business goals for January/February 2008:
1. Organize the studio.  I am cluttered beyond belief! And I procrastinate beyond belief too. 
2. Figure out how to publish/sell a couple of my patterns, probably bags to start.
3. Get core collection together for spring/summer 2008 and finalize designs (already have rough sketches and random thoughts), make patterns, sewing.
4. Be more diligent on posting on www.StyleConspiracy.blogspot.com
5. Promote, promote, promote

If anyone is out there in LJ land reading this, what are your plans to jump start the New Year?
24th-Dec-2007 07:07 pm - Seasons Greetings!

Live from Lexington, VA and it was a almost warm day of 50 degrees!! And looking to be the same for Christmas Day.
14th-Sep-2007 01:29 am - Jumping on the band wagon...
Careers.  copied from glitter_pirate
The rules:
1. Go here.
2. Put in Username: nycareers Password: landmark
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top twenty results [or more if you want].
5. Bold the jobs you'd genuinely be interested in.

Top 5:
1. Costume Designer
2. Set Designer
3. Special Effects Technician
4. Industrial Designer
5. Animator
6. Fashion Designer (doing this now!)

6th-Sep-2007 06:47 pm - Crafters Anonymous Craft Swap
Richmond Craft Mafia and the Richmond Etsy Street Team present:

Crafters Anonymous


Sunday September 16th

2-5pm @ ArtWorks, 320 Hull St

$5 at the door or FREE when you drop off your supplies early!

Proceeds benefit Art 180

Drop off your supplies early at our drop-off locations and get a voucher for free admission.

Visit RichmondCraftSwap.com for more info!

Buy cool Craft Swap gear at CafePress!
4th-Apr-2007 05:52 am - What kind of jewel are you?

What kind of jewel are you?


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17th-Feb-2007 12:42 am - What color blue are you?
You Are Indigo

Of all the shades of blue, you are the most funky, unique, and independent.
Expressing yourself and taking a leap of faith has always been easy for you.
30th-Nov-2006 03:14 pm - NaNoWriMo...
So, I "participated" in NaNoWriMo this year.  The goal, 50,000 words in 30 days, a Novel/Novella.  I put participated in quotes since I got about 400 words in and just died.  On the page that is.
I like to consider myself a closet novel writer. I have plots, a list of cool titles, some starts to a couple of synopsis/outlines all on my handy dandy flash drive in a folder titled Novels.  Did you catch the plural novels not singular.  Yeah, I have high hopes.

I was jazzed, I had a plot sort of, but I just couldn't get passed those first couple of paragraphs.  There are tricks to expand your word count, of course.  My favorite suggestion I read on the forum was to type potato after every word. i.e., He potato walked potato gingerly potato across potato the potato damp potato foggy potato field.  Nice!  I could do that, I still have until midnight, (evil laugh) but I won't.  The point is the journey not the destination as the great thinkers say.

In my defense, I didn't do the prep work.  I didn't have a synopsis, no outline, charactor names...title. Two days before November 1st, I signed up.  I jumped in both feet.  It works for some, but didn't for me.  I could have just hit the 50,000 word count and "won".  Which is fine, it does jump start creative juices and thats the point.  But me being me, I would like to have a semi-complete first draft of a novel on my hands and not mashed potatos.

It was fun though, and here at the end, I have a plot, some very cool character names, and a rough and I do mean rough outline.  Next time I'll be prepared, yep I'll do it again.  I recommend everyone try it.  They are going to do a scriptwriting NaNo in June.
hmmmm...I'm going to try it!
28th-Nov-2006 04:57 pm - Say Bah-Humbug to Mass Produced
The familia of the RCM will set up shop to show off wares including pottery, stationary, fashion accessories, jewelry, baby items, and much more. The family strongly urges everyone in Richmond and the surrounding areas to come experience a new approach to holiday shopping and we promise, no stale fruitcake.

Come check us out, chat a bit, and hopefully shop a little.

The group intends to use their collective economic power for advertising and other craft-related events, such as their annual Spring Bada-Bing craft show and Handmade Holiday Trunk show. Interested parties, including artists and crafts people interested in participating in Spring Bada-Bing in the spring, or becoming a RCM member, can find more information at RichmondCraftMafia.com .
21st-Oct-2006 11:22 pm - pumpkin festival update
Today turned out well.  A very good mix of talented indie businesses and a good turn out.  I actually did ok.  There was buzz that  Mary  of Contrary (the organizer) will turn it into a annual festival, with a thought to having a spring festival too.  I think it would be a good addition to Richmond's circuit of craft festivals, as long as it doesn't conflict with Richmond Craft Mafia events.  ;-)  (Got  to keep it real for my homies!)  Oh, and I got pics of the alpacas!
21st-Oct-2006 01:14 am - Pumpkin Festival
I'm selling at a local pumpkin festival tomorrow.  I really don't think its my market.  I'm getting a country craft vibe, but you never know.  The person that is organizing it is a cool crafty chic.  So, I know she's not deliberately trying to go that route.  But the costumed alpacas and bouncy rooms for the kiddos isn't  making me confident.  The most I'm hoping for is a nice day, some fun pics of the alpacas and hanging out with and supporting fellow indie businesses.  If I make some dough, I'll do the happy fun dance.  Its gonna be a looong day.
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